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Applicant(s) must be approved through our credit screening program, which evaluates Applicant(s) reviewing the following criteria: acceptable account ratio, current debt to income ratio, FICO score and all public records. All the above indicators are weighted to provide an aggregate score in order to screen Applicant(s) with a balanced approach to an Applicant(s) financial profile.

Proof of income showing monthly revenue of no less than 2.5 times the monthly rent is required. For example, if the monthly rent is $1,000.00, multiple by 2.5 which equates to a needed monthly minimum income of $2,500.00. Two recent paycheck stubs (or other verification) reflecting income details is required to be submitted at the time of application submission. If there is not an income flow, we will take a bank statement that shows a balance of no less than a balance equaling the annual rent multiplied by 2.5. For example, if the monthly rent is $1,000.00, proof of no less than $30,000.00 in a bank account is required. We do not accept Section 8 housing, or any other voucher programs.

Applicant(s) must be approved through our credit screening program, which evaluates Applicant(s) reviewing the following criteria: acceptable account ratio, current debt to income ratio, FICO score and all public records. All the above indicators are weighted to provide an aggregate score in order to screen Applicant(s) with a balanced approach to an Applicant(s) financial profile.

Applicant(s) are screened through the access of public records by our screening provided looking for criminal or eviction histories. Recent felony convictions (less than 10 years), sexually oriented felony convictions, eviction judgements within the last three years will result in a tenancy denial.

Any Applicant(s) who have yet to establish a rental or credit history, Agent may at its discretion, approve Applicant(s) if they excel in other qualifying criteria, or Agent may approve Applicant(s) with an additional security deposit or Guarantor.

  • A rental application for each occupant 18 years of age and older is required.
  • Each Applicant must pay the required application fees for the screening process to commence.
  • The application fee is non-refundable whether the Applicant(s) are approved for tenancy or declined.
  • Once an applicant is approved for tenancy, a security deposit in certified funds must be received by us within 48 hours or the application is denied.
  • Final application decision will be made by the property owner. At the time we receive the application decision, we will communicate that to you and outline the next steps to be taken.

The following criteria must be met before keys to the rental are released.

  • We have obtained confirmation that all applicable utilities have been transferred into the leaseholder’s name prior to the move-in date. You will be supplied the document you will utilize to provide this confirmation.
  • Move-in monies must be paid in full in certified funds.
  • Documentation of your Renters Insurance Policy.
  • All lease documents must be signed by all leaseholders.
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“We’ve been tenants since 2017, and we’ve had nothing but good experiences with Keller Williams Citywide. They’ve always been courteous and empathetic, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and have always been quick to address any maintenance issues that may come up. They’re always very communicative regarding expectations for the property, as well as upcoming events such as holidays and extreme weather. This has easily been the best rental experience my wife and I have ever had.”

Mike and Jamie C. - Tenants

“The Keller Williams tenant portal makes my busy life easier. With the options to pay online, request service, view documents and chat with the property manager all in one place and at my fingertips! Communication is always quick, helpful and extremely friendly!”

Katie N. - Tenant

“I am a first-time landlord who lives out-of-state. My business partner lives in another state. We completely trust Mary & Karen with KW Citywide Property Management to handle all aspects of our property. They are solid professionals who take excellent care of our investment and our tenants. Without question if we develop more properties we would entrust them to KW Citywide Property Management.”

Donna G. and Beth D. - Rental Property Owner

“Living out of state as an owner of two properties in northeast Ohio, I have nothing but positive things to say about this property management group. They have handled absolutely everything with my homes in a timely manner and kept me well informed. It’s been 13 years since I’ve partnered with this company and I literally have zero complaints. Karen and Mary have been the best people to work with.”

Denise - Rental Property Owner

“I’ve been doing business with KW Citywide Property Management for almost 10 years. During this time, they have provided outstanding service and reliability. They are the model for how all rental property managers should be. Karen and Mary are always responsive and diligent, pursuing and resolving every issue and request, whether from me or the tenants, in the best professional way. I recommend them most highly. They literally do pay for themselves.”

Gene B. - Rental Property Owner

“We highly recommend KW Citywide Property Management. They’ve been doing a super job for us at our 2 duplexes, including helping us find and oversee contractors for the major renovations we needed in order to bring these units up to the upper end of market rents, and giving us good advice about certain items that would be worth the expense vs. others that would not yield additional income. I am a licensed real estate agent and my husband and I are quite particular about property managers. They’ve been very timely whenever our tenants have maintenance requests, and have done a great job of helping us screen and select good tenants, and making sure rents and water bills, etc are paid promptly. It is a challenge to find good property managers and it’s very reassuring that our properties and tenants are in excellent hands!”

Sherry Riesner - Rental Property Owner

“We cannot thank Mary & Karen enough for their outstanding work with us for these 5+ years. We are successful landlords for our tenants in great part due to our experience with them. They all have proven to put us in good hands to make sure we do right by our tenants and properties efficiently, diligently, and with care. It truly is a blessing to work with them!”

Arcie and Maria - Rental Property Owner

“KW Citywide Property Management has managed my rental property for several years. Karen Jones has handled finding a suitable tenant along with all of the necessary paperwork. Mary Burns has handled any of my questions promptly. I have been completely satisfied with Keller Williams, and highly recommend them.”

Diane Turan - Rental Property Owner

“My wife and I are out of state and have been investing in real estate in the Cleveland area for several years. We currently have seven properties managed by KW Citywide Property Management and are extremely satisfied with their service. Living thousands of miles away from our properties means we need to be able to completely trust our property manager to select tenants, properly maintain our investments, and make recommendations. Over the years, KW Citywide has earned our trust and continues to provide five star service on a daily basis. We have always experienced great communication and very quick responses to our questions, needs, and concerns. So much so that it feels like we are their only clients. We have used other property managers in the area, but we would only recommend KW Citywide!”

Dan and Jacki, Washington State, - Rental Property Owner

“KW Citywide property management has been managing my partner and I’s two family for the past 4 years and as an out of state investor living in New Hampshire they have been crucial to the operation of our property. From finding the best tenants possible to renovations, collecting rent and dealing with unforeseen issues it is nice to know that I won’t be woken up in the middle of the night by a tenant phone call. All issues are handled professionally and without issues. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with Karen and Mary’s management and how easy it has been to have a rental property with their assistance.”

Tim Streeter - Rental Property Owner
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